The Sundering

Episode 2 Epilogue

Garm Trent calls the three into his office a few days after they return.

Welcome, thanks for coming. I just wanted to update you on our progress. The scroll and gems you found seem to go together. The scroll, we believe, is a guide on how to use those gems. The images show them attaching to weapons. We’ve tested this and they do greatly improve any weapons they attach to. This is a remarkable discovery! If you don’t mind, we’d like to keep them to study for awhile. Afterwards, they are yours to keep.

The text on the scroll and in the book is the same that was on the first scroll. It is difficult to decipher, though with the images, we may have found a key. I’ve called in an expert, a cyphermage from up in North, in Riddleport. Hopefully he’ll be able to help us decode these.

As for the farmers beyond the village, we’ll be setting up a special market, just for them. This should help them, giving them a market to sell their crops to all of Sandpoint. We’re investing into a special setup for them and they’ll be starting the market in a few weeks, to coincide with the Founding Festival! Hopefully I’ll see you there with more information to share.

Lastly, that pyramid sounds like a great find. I wish I could have seen it. Based on your description, we’re going to call it The Sunken Queen, how do you like that?

Well, that is all for now. If you’ll excuse me, I have more research to do.

Episode 2

Garm Trent greets the group as the enter his office.

Ah, greetings, come in, come in. Yes, perfect timing, we’ve had some time to go over the map and it looks like…well, I don’t want to be too presumptuous, but it looks like a treasure map, of sorts. According to the map there is…or was…a temple of sorts…about several days journey to the East, deep in the mushfens I’d like you to go investigate. If there is a temple there, it will be a great find, and I’m sure it will be a boon to our studies.

Here is a map we created, based off the original you found and compared to the land we know. It should guide you to the location. That is, if we’ve correctly understood the map. Good luck!

Bryn, Pip, and Jaden gather a few supplies before leaving Sandpoint. As night falls they reach the last farming settlement before the river separating the mushfens. The farmers welcome them in and offer them a meal and boarding. The farmers talk about a creature killing their livestock and draining it of blood. They fear everything from wolves to vampires. As the trio settles down to rest, a growling howl is heard in the distance. One of the farmers meets them outside and points in the direction of the field and asks if they’d be willing to help them with their problem.

After making their way through the field they are suddenly attacked by a small lizard-like creature. Pip quickly stuns it and it offers little resistance as they finish it off. They drag the carcass back to the farmers who rejoice. The farmers discuss amongst themselves and all pitch in a few coins and offer a sum to the group, who readily decline.

The morning comes without further incident and the group sets off across the river and into the swamplands known as the mushfens. They find several trails, some marked with frog-shaped markers. The route through the swamps is very difficult. There are many dangers in the mushfens and the group soon finds this out as they are attacked again and again. They find refuge atop a large hill, which they realize is a bunch of stacked boulders.

They continue their journey the next day and come across a small frog creature. He tells them to halt and state their business. After doing so, they decide it best to work together and the frog, Grippli, offers to guide them through the swamps. They notice he uses the paths marked with frogs and have no further incidents along their way. Grippli explains that his people patrol these paths and they are the safest through the mushfens.

Another day of travel finally brings them to their destination. A half-sunken pyramid in a clearing in the swamp. As they approach they notice several larger frog-like creatures around the pyramid. These creatures soon become aware of the group, and at Grippli’s insistence, they attack. Another frog-like creature emerges from the waters and joins his allies, making the fight even more challenging. Eventually, the group overcomes the creatures, which Grippli refers to as Boggards.

Before moving any further, Jaden makes sure to heal everyone with the magical wand he purchased before they left. Feeling much better, the group continues to the pyramid. At the base, Grippli announces he will not enter, but will wait outside for them. The three make their way into the waters and find an entrance beneath the surface, allowing them into the structure.

Once inside it is eerily quiet. Aside from a few splashes in the water there is no noise. Jaden lights up his staff and they make their way inside. Rotting furniture and other junk litter the floor. Within some of the junk is actually useful materials, though. They find what they think are spell components, along with a small silver key. Bryn, Pip, and Jaden make their way to the top level of the pyramid where a small sarcophagus is on display. Behind it, a statue that resembles the figure on the outside.

As the group searches the area, the statue comes to life and begins to attack the group. Sensing an opportunity, Bryn opens the sarcophagus and smashes the bones. However, this has no effect on the statue and it continues to attack the group. Using the cover of the sarcophagus, Pip smashes the statue, destroying it for good.

Inside they find a small locked box, which their key opens. Inside the box is a small bag with three gems, a scroll, and a book. They gather the items together and leave the pyramid to rejoin Grippli. Grippli agrees to escort them back to the river. Using the frog-marked paths, the four of them encounter no trouble and safely make it back to report in.

Episode 1 Epilogue

Academy Director, Garm Trent gathers the characters in his office.

We’ve been able to analyze the map and it does appear to be a map of this region. The problem is that the map was created before the Sundering, and the land is much different now. We’ve been able to pinpoint a few landmarks, though. He looks to Jaden. As you pointed out, the scroll case is indeed magical. It appears to keep whatever documents inside of it safe. Most likely the map was buried there for a reason, but they wanted to keep it safe, perhaps intending to retrieve it at a later time.

The script on the map and on the books is harder to interpret. It seems similar to dwarven and sylvan, two distinctly different languages. We’re still working on that.

The mage guild has identified the potions you brought back. There is a potion for bull’s strength, a curative potion, and a haste potion. They don’t spoil, so you are welcome to them, if you’d like. They were also able to identify the magic on the tools. They are simple work tools, but magically enhanced. Most likely they were used to create the cavern and room you found everything in.

As a token of my appreciation for all of your work, I give you this. He hands out 3 bags, each containing 500 gold pieces. Once we decipher more of the contents, I’ll have another task for you, if you’re willing, of course.

Episode 1

The party, consisting of Bryn, Jaden (with lion Chester), and Pip, are gathered by the Garm Trent, director of the Academy at Sandpoint. He asks them to talk to the local mining company, Fergon, to get information about their site in the North where an Old Kingdom map was recently uncovered on a mining expedition. The group makes their way to the mining office where they are confronted by a surly dwarf, Trodd Hammerthrow, the mining company representative. After a lengthy chat, the group convinces him to give up the location of the site and then head out to gather supplies.

The group make their way North to find the mining site abandoned. Everything appears to be left as if the workers suddenly disappeared. After they check the area, the group heads into the tunnel. Shortly after, the sound of scuffling is heard behind them and a group of skeletons advance. They lose one skeleton, but engage the other three, overcoming them. They decide to follow the last further into the cave.

The tunnel opens to a large cavern, which opens into an even larger one. Here, the group is ambushed as a cave fisher entangles Chester and begins to drag him upwards. The group frees the lion and manages to drag the cave fisher down to their level, and kill it. They search the rest of the cavern and find a large set of doors, behind which is the familiar sound of scuffling.

The group defeats the skeleton and gathers several items from the room, including the map they were sent to retrieve. Making their way out of the tunnel, they are attacked by another skeleton, one that rose from the bones on the tunnel floor. They easily defeat the skeleton and make their way back to Sandpoint to hand over the items for further study.


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